Millions Of Mistakes In Voter Lists


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A Congress leader has filed a petition in the Supreme Court that the lists of votes are not correct. Of course! Telangana – if here, especially in Hyderabad, the lists of votes do not have the right to talk to people! If the photo is not correct, the name is not correct. The image is not correct if the name is correct. The survey of the ‘All People’s Survey’ in the latest news from the TRS government has not given any good results. The fear that “this survey is going to be marked specifically for the astrologers” is nothing but the result of the survey – it has nothing to do with it. But after that, all the people were breathed with the positive attitude of the TRS government in favor of the common man.

However, during the GHMC election, allegations of fraudulent votes were reported. Removing the suspicions of voting, adding the bogus voters into the list – the worst things that demoralized democracy. There is a claim that capital voters lists are still unsuccessful. Reports that the Andhra Andhra voters naturally lost their votes because they could not vote for the TRS. However, for the last four years, it seems that the capital of the capital is now very much favorable to Teresa. Will you correct voters list now? Is it democratic to correct the list of governments’ voters according to their original win advantages? – These are the questions that need to be answered.

The original voter lists are also correct in the AP. In Telangana, 30 lakh bogus votes – Andhra has 18 lakhs. When the original voter lists are not right – will it be democracy? The real question!


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