Mi A2 … Pure Android On An Mi Phone!


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The Mi A2 phone comes with a 5.4 inch touch screen, which has attracted the crowd. 1.8 GHz octacor processor, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB internal storage. Its specifications! But they are focusing on the ‘picture perfect camera’. It has a 20-megapixel front camera. The back side has a 12 megapixel plus 20 megapixel dual camera. That means counting under 3 cameras! Also, we have beautiful version 4.0 version based on Artistic Intelligence, which makes them beautiful when we take selphi with front camera.

The main thing is – the operating system used on this phone … is usually not MiUI used on Mi phones. Android One. Google is the operating system that combines any third party apps or system apps. This is Android One. In their language, it is pure Android OS. Any phone company makes an Android phone and sends it to the public – install some of their proprietary apps. For instance, Sony has sold Android phones – some of which are as default as the system apps. That’s why in the operating system, Sony has a unique custom ROM that combines all of its facilities with the same in the phones. In fact these custom app are all inclusive, but they are actually very big discomfort. We can not delete them. There are lots of unwanted apps that simply advertise for promotion. We all have to bear our internal memory if they eat. Otherwise we need to install the phone and install the ram that we like. This is a Risk Work!

So – they use Pure Android instead of having problems with custom rams of Google phone companies that Google will occasionally promote Android. As Android phones are contaminated with Sony’s Sony phones – Android One is naturally filled with Google Apps. And the MiUI operating system on the Mi phones is the same – what is the special purpose of giving Android One? In fact, Mi phones are the most successful of the Mi ROM. In MiUI, we have many facilities available by default. Poor Android is not available because of the release of the phone. Well, let’s see how MiUI is familiar with the Pi android operating system.

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