“Media Moon” Channels Threatening Public?

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When Asaduddin said ” Chandrudu, I am coming” we don’t know whether Chandra Babu afraid or not. But some channels are making people scared showing the “Blood moon”. It’s not a matter of politics. About the moon in the sky!

We have channels that teach ethics to the people of the past – “astrology, superstition, caste retreat, tradition of contamination, culture stupidity”. But if you want to see more of any of the channels that are so relieved about the well-being of society – will it hurt people? Bhayapedutunda? Kheda? How are you Do not think. Fearing, fearing, obscene, hysteria, with you, humiliating, legitimate, illegal – Anything is going to get a guarantee that people will see … no matter how much you are broadcasting. This is something else.

The original astrology, beliefs, some of the criticisms that criticize everything – began to give terrible news about this mid-blooded mood. The Moon will be red in the forthcoming lunar eclipse of 20-21. This bloody moon is called ‘super blood wolf moon’. There is a belief that some natural disasters can occur when it comes. Some people are giving some scientific reasons. What else? Introduction point has been found. So the channels have become disturbed. “What’s going to happen on this month 21?” Newsletter. Something that’s not simple. The journalists put the journalistic values ​​out of fear of getting the TRP.

Super Blood Moon See Headings given by these guys – it’s hard for people with a weak heart. “What will happen on the 21st of this month? Earth will be shattered, will the earthquake come and die, and the tsunamis will come and people do it? – They are giving you things that create nothing but indifferent. No media organization has the right to create a disturbing news of the society, but they are We do not know whether the Super Blood Moon is dangerous or not … The news stories are certainly dangerous for society.

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