Media Getting Ready To Pamper Jagan?

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No media outlet has been lifted until yesterday. He did not give any support. Media does not need any leader. It should not be done in an effortless way. Jagan is also in the hardest difficulty – there are those who have written articles that are trying to get him into more trouble. However, these media outlets are now very much respected by the media. Companies that have worked strongly with the sole purpose of not coming to the post are now highlighting every statement. Is not it supposed to be? How much does it mean that the media is not worth the state governor? Is not it difficult to give up daily news? So – just do not think that they are giving priority to Jagan. The observers are watching the ‘goodness’ that appears beyond the media.

Be A Good Chief Minister!
Jagan Meggi has promised that he will be a good Chief Minister. Chandrababu also showed an eligibility for the government to give time to stop criticizing. Media organizations are getting good stories by supporting them. Jagan is going to be good anymore? Is Chandrababu even stir? Then. But good days are coming up in politics. Everything is good. How suddenly do they change their minds in the form of a tornado until yesterday? – People make it a surprise.

What A Good Media Parrots!
Have you ever seen Jagan Power Now? Do not be confronted by the negative trend from Jagan – Are they presenting their advantage earlier? – Feel – if you look at those articles! However, the Jagan groups do not believe in their positive attitude. Now these media companies have jailed Jagan – they point out that it is only temporary. Even if no small mistake is made in tomorrow’s Jagan’s decisions, if Chandrababu opposed them, then it is strongly suspected that these media parrots will come back to their original color, Because – if they are strong enough to try to hit the enemy – if the enemy is stronger, it turns out to be a suspicion.

Chandrababu Has Changed!
Some media outlets say Chandrababu has now become very positive. It’s also within four to five days! This is the most surprising thing. The question is whether someone has the potential to be positive in the absence of strength. If the positive attitude toward the enemy can be demonstrated when the strength is – it’s a real great thing. As long as Chandrababu is in power, there are no such positives for Jagan. Pony now has such a trend in Jagan? Is this positive trend in the media hoping to be there?

Do You Remember This ‘Jalsa’ Dialog?
Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Trivikram Dialogue’ is one of the ‘Jalsa’. “Be a knife in your hand – there is an enemy in front of killing – not to kill” humanity! That! Are Media Media Institutions Now Jagan? “Baba Jagan! You promise to be a good ruler. And the power of the hand is not to take revenge and the good ruler’s character is “telling Jagan? “It was then. Have you won all over? And what about you … what do you do not say to us “- Are you feeling compromised? Do you come up with such stories only to protect themselves? It seems.

Why This Praise?
Is there any media organization that has the job to impress the ruling? Not at all. Not. The media should always be the opposition. Media rights are opposed to the rulers. Even if it is Jagan, Chandrababu – the media should not be ruled by the rulers. The media should not want the media to be a fan of itself, not trying to suppress the media. But all this is happening now. The common man who gets to see them is suffering. Why is it that the Telugu media, which has a lot of power at this time, has taken a karma? – That is the reason. But this is the reason for the Telugu media! This is a threat to the media when it is the government that they like when it comes to supporting the ruling class and the adverse nature of the opposition when it comes to the anti-government. This is certainty.

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