Media Fail .. People Hit !


To desire to win a party they liked is common in the crowd. But in the media it is too much dangerous. People who are eager see a party to win.. stop researching the real facts and start living in their own favorable trends. That’s why many people lose betting.  But what happens if media also live in such a fantasy? Not only they live in their worlds, they start to persuade people to think in the same way they do.  That’s what happened now. A wing of media has created an illusion that Praja Kutami wins over TRS. Actually TRS seem to be moving towards a clear majority.

Gone the days of impartiality in media. Quitting the ideals – every media establishment adopts a positive attitude towards some party. Putting aside all the ideals any media organization today is formed according to the personal likes and dislikes of its owner. It is dangerous for democracy if the minimum balance is not maintained. Any media organization – living in its personal favorite illusion, can persuade people to believe it to be is true. How ever, many times – these disillusioned campaigns can not affect large number of people, and not enough to affect the real peoples pulse and so the final result. This is the greatness of the democracy.

Now after TRS creating wonder by getting a near 100 figure – we have to see what could be the Lagadapati’s answer to the people and media. Anyway, Lagadapati may lose his Andhra Octopus title from now on.

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