Marriage Is A Hundred Years Of Harvest


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Marriage is a hundred years of harvest. This is not said by SankarDada MBBS. Director of this movie thinks that youth has this opinion. The lie is that new couples do not even come across the word. The film is going to be screened in this movie. Is this young man really thinking that it is a hundred years’ harvest? Ponlendi. Why do you go to the details and disturb the trusts of Sarath Narvada? Ayanevadantara? Debut director for this movie.

CVidasagar and Janardan RR on Hanuman Telugu Movies banner This movie is being produced. Srinivasa Sai is the hero. Deeksha Sharma Raina is the heroine. Priya Vadlamani is a lead character. Vamsi Nechanti, Mona Bedrey are the main characters. Mrs. C.Sadhasagar offering. First copy of the film is ready. There are six songs in the film. Keemradhakrsnan music. It is a music that is popular to music. They say that our film will be in the list of ‘Anand’ and ‘Chandamama’. Good luck!

SP. The song ‘Vedavahini’ is a song that will be highlighted by Balasubrahmanyam. But good! Cameraman, who worked for the National and State Award Winning films Murali Mohan Reddy worked for our film. Each frame is an eiffet. If good!
Visuals are like Bollywood style making. If the movie is to be remade in Jodhali, then how would it be if we remade the movie? ” This is Tollywood and Amma .. Why is Bollywood a Goal? They are no more than us. Earlier this Bollywood donation would be reduced. I want to say that. But sin is all new. What is that? Anyways say. The small film is not encouraged. What about us? BESTHOP LUCK ABBA!

Appaji, Dr. Irfan, Tiruvir, Indus and others
Story – Words: Janardan RR. – Wisse, the contribution of the story: sividyasagar, Music: KM Radhakrishnan, Camera: Yes. Murali Reddy, editing, wine, art, Brahma and the sea, Production Controller: kesuryanarayana screenplay – direction: Sharath narvade.

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