Naga Chaitanya Very Satisfied With ‘Majili’

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Young Samrat Naga Chaitanya as Samantha, Devi Kaushik heroines Shiva Nirvana directed by Shine Screenplay banner is produced by Sahu Garrapati and Harishpadhi. Released on April 5, the film became a huge opener and the sensitive summer block buster hit. Thanks to the film unit Audience, Thanksgiving is set up to thank you. Hero of the film Naga Chaitanya, heroines Samantha, Divyaansha, director Shiva Nirvana, actors Rao Ramesh, Posani Krishna Murali, producers Sahu Garapati and Harishpady participated in the program.
Posani Krishna Murali said that Chaitanya knows from childhood. I acted in two movies with him. Com is a set. Slow poisonzes the film will pick up. After watching this film, Chaitu is doing such a great performance. Shobhan Babu seems to be alive in the form of Chaitu. The film was so great. The proper characters are not bent in the hands of the good directors. Chaitu is very good. I learned that he is also a great actor. He has proved to be a good character of the film. Raghavendra Rao became retired. He came to the place of Shiva. He also proves that Family Entertainers can do this too. Shiva has to make such movies more …
Rao Ramesh said, “Thanks to Shiva for giving a good character. Nagachaitanya is very cool in the set. Samantha came in the second half and made it superb. Also played as Divya Wonderful. Shiva is in a commercial aspect in the middle class. It did not excuse this response and made a great experience. This film is an inspiration for many. Our theater in the theater is tearing the scenes in the climax. That movie is going to be connected ..
Sahu Garapati said .. Thanks to Audience for making such a big hit. Very happy. Chaitu Samantha, Divasansha, Posani, Rao Ramesh Main Pillars Laugh and Held in the film. Shiva is making a film that connects the audience very well. We will build more such films.
The heroine was dying and I saw yesterday in Bombay yesterday. Theater house is full. Response is great. I am very happy to be one part of this good hit. Sahu, Harish and Shiva are my thanksgiving ..
Director Shiva Nirvana said, “After the release of the film, different people are making calls and messes. A good positive buzz has been created from the title announcements to the trailer release. That’s just the beginning of the procedure. Today, the audience is doing the same with an emotional story that I have done. Tailor in a good film commercial format is a challenge. Distributors call everybody The movie is a big hit. I am doing my next movie in the Thanksgiving Screens Banner. .. said.
Samantha speaking … I can not believe that the movie is such a big hit. We are confident in the movie. But did not think that the response was such a blockbuster. I can tell you how important a good result artist is. The film came to Nag Naamma’s house. Appreciated. Most special film will be us after doing Amaya. Rao Ramesh, Posani Extra Layers. Vishnu told this story in his photography. Gopi Sundar and Thaman put in life. Thank you very much for everyone who worked for this film.
Naga Chaitanya speaking … Shiva is telling me how much excited I am today. There is a good response from all over the place. After several days, he had a Satis faction as an actor. He is convinced that he is going to be a great actor. Rao Ramesh and Posani have done well. Sahu and Harish’s friends believed in the story and gave it what they wanted. I want more movies to do with them. Thaman, Gopisunder and Vishnu are all thanks. The departure is going to be an emotional jurnie.

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