‘Manmadhudu 2’ Entertains Us For Sure?

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Nagarjuna has been a specialist since the first year of experimenting with directors. Nagarjuna’s views on film judgments are often corrected. I have called such a Nagarjuna director and told him to shoot a French film and copy it – it seems that the film is going to be a hit. Breathtaking with the Alredi Spanish story?

Nagarjuna – Rakul Preet Singh starring in the movie ‘Manmadhu 2’ is set to release on August 9. The Manmadhu 2 Diaries event, which was directed by Rahul Ravindran, was held grand on Sunday. The Chitra Unit provided their feedback on the occasion.

Director Rahul Raveendran says
Nagarjuna Gare is the reason why Cupid 2 started. A week before the release of my first film, Nagarjuna called and spoke to me. Taking a look at the movie is very good. You’ve seen a French movie and you see it too. I feel so happy when you think you have to make such a movie with me.

It was my good fortune to work with him really. It would be nice if you could watch the French film and set it to a nag. Story was developed to suit his role as a defender. Nagarjuna’s character impresses everyone.

Senior artist Lakshmi said
Director Rahul Raveendran has gotten a good performance from everyone. He was an actor from the front so he could act as an artist and show every scene. Every dialogue, every scene taught easy. Everyone worked together without ego. No one has any pride. Our Hero Producer worked very well with us. I laughed while dubbing the film. This is another look from Nagarjuna. The amount of credit belongs to the Director. She explained that she was very happy to be in the film.

Speaking of Akkineni Amala
‘The film unit is giving everyone the best things. Like all of you, I am waiting for the film. I think Manmadhu 2 is going to be a movie that everyone will love. ”

Music Director Chetan said

From movie start to end, the work went very smoothly. First I have to say thanks to Nagarjuna. This is a very different movie, which I am doing after the RX 100 movie. Director Rahul Ravindran Talent will be seen in the film. He was very supportive. He shares his ideas very well. A song called “My Lona ..” played a very important role in this movie. Long back when I heard this song I was ready to add to the movie.

Devi Sri Prasad said .. I didn’t think that Manmadhu 2 would invite me to the movie. Very happy. The Cupid 1 I made early in my career gave me a good recognition. It was a big movie for me back then. The film director kevijayabhaskar – Nagarjuna garu I am forever indebted. The movie teaser is great. Director Taking is also very good. The film is also my best wishes to music director Charan Bharadwaj. All the Best of All Starring in the Movie. Nagarjuna always looks the same. He has always been a role-breaker, making different films.

Vijay Bhaskar, the director of Cupid said, “Hi everyone. Cupid is the best film in my career. Good luck working in Annapurna Studios. Respect very well. It is not known when Cupid started the film or when he finished the film. Trivikram gave good words then. The music provided by Devi Sri Prasad is awesome. I hope this film is also a good success.

Rakul said .. Akkineni fans are all hello. When Rahul first told the story, he wanted to make the first character in the first generation. Such opportunities in a career are few and far between. I have known Rahul Venkatadri since before the Express. Working with Nag sir will never be forgotten. It is now understood why the King called him. He took great care of the whole unit of the film. The movie is supposed to please everyone. This movie is very special to me. We hope that the film will bring good recognition to everyone.

Speaking of Naga Chaitanya ..
Goodbye to all Akkineni fans. In fact, it is a bit embarrassing to get into the mid-pre-release events. Mundemo is known to be all brothers. Alright if you can manage with Le Looks. But now the content itself as well as the attempting daddy. At this point of time a love story is presented as Fresh which means Amazing daddy. Once again, we are making two more films in the same genre. If the plot comes, we want to select the script carefully. But if daddy hit the plap, every step is taken as daring. That is why he is called King. He is an inspiration to all of us. Director Rahul Raveendran said to my dad when he saw the first movie Chilasou. Sure, Annapurna Studios told him to make a good movie. I hope to work with him in the future. My best wishes to everyone who plays in the film unit. And many thanks to the main guests who came here. Not our Audience, but Bollywood Audience. Do you think Cupid 2 will be the best film of the year? We are also remaking our films in Bollywood. The dub is being made. Good opportunities are coming. Rahul also wants to reach the same level. Finally thanks to all the fans, Nag explained that everyone should go home carefully.

Hero Akkineni Nagarjuna says ..

Why Cupid Title For This Movie .. Original Cupid Hates Women. This Cupid Loves Women. This is why we have to finish the circle. I saw a French movie a year ago. It seemed like a movie to my age. Love can be made at any age. It appears in the film as a character. The Original Cupid is the Most Special Memorable Movie for me. Taking a look at the then director Vijaya Bhaskar. Rahul Raveendran has also worked wonderfully for this Cupid 2. We shot for 40 days in Portugal. The fellow actors acted very nicely. The day Keshore Kishore eats well with me. It’s a Wonderful Journey. I’ve never looked so stylish in my career. Cinematographer Sukumar is the main reason for his appearance very well. He showed me very well. It is very easy to work with Rakul. She was a very hard worker. As well as a girl with a good mentality. Even the most talented. It was great to work with her. Director Rahul Raveendran has done much about the work. From the start to the end of the film, smiles holding the stomach. That is the guarantee. Nagna Chaitanya Majili hit the cinema. Yesterday we got our Kodalasu Success with O Baby Cinema. Tomorrow’s August 9 is even more impressive than their upcoming Cupid 2. Chetan Bharadwaj, who composed the music for RX100, composed three good songs in the film. Nagarjuna expressed his gratitude to all Akkineni fans who attended the ceremony, saying he would become the director of Big Music.

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