Menaka Gandhi Is Also Like This ….

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The party’s central minister, Menaka, also made sensational comments, as many BJP leaders in the BJP have been opposing Muslims. My conquest was lost. I win. Even if Muslims do not vote, my win is final. But if you do not win Muslim votes, I’m sorry. It is difficult to think. If I do not vote for Muslims, I will not help if my MPs come after me to win any MPs. Think. Are we Mahatma Gandhi’s children … what to do without expecting them? “He said. Many BJP MPs have previously made discriminatory comments on Muslims. However, the comments made by Maanaka Gandhi, who are contesting from Sultanpur constituency in Uttar Pradesh, are making a three minute video in social media. Even though the BJP continues to follow, the people of the constituency have expressed surprise whether they would like to speak to me from Gandhian family.

Menaka, who had previously contested from the Phibibit constituency in Uttar Pradesh, is contesting from Sultanpur constituency this time. Her son Varun Gandhi has been represented in the Sultanpur constituency. During the campaign … I have always made friends with people. I ask the Philippe people who have long been MPs. Everybody says about it. Ask the people there to find out if I had done what I was doing from the MP. This time I am competing with Sultanpur constituency, my victory has already been almost dead. Even if you did not vote, I won my win. But Muslims do not vote if they do not vote.

She can understand her sadness about the loss of Muslim votes. But it is now a matter of debate that the Muslims who do not vote will be able to think about whether they want to respond to any of them after that. On the one hand, the electoral code is in the spotlight where Muslims are being distinguished, disrespectful, and threatening. Though the Code has a clear mandate for provoking caste, religious and regional differences, it is politically motivated to comment on the threat of violence against Muslims. If she does not vote, it is clear that she does not need to come to the office and does not need to queue in the queue, and she seems fairly honest about the clarification of herself at the time of campaigning not to waste time unnecessarily.

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