‘Manasaa Vaaacha’ on March 15th


On Ganesh Creations banner .. young talent MV Introducing Prasad as the director, Tejas-Karisma Karpal-Seema Param is the heroine of the movie Nisha Dulha-London Ganesh’s multi-starrer ‘Manasa .. Wacha’. The film is being completed by March 15 through MGM (Minimal Guarantee Movies).
Hero Turned Producer Nischal Deva said, ‘Life Style, Thulasi Dalam’ is the hero of the film and I became a producer with this movie. Directed by MV Prasad, the film was shot. The whole film is going to be done in London.
Director MV Prasad said, “When the diseases like the fever and the cold are coming, how do you cure it? Those diseases can be cured as well as some of the most unpleasant events facing lovers who work with the goal of being able to heal even when cancer is infected. ‘Created the image. We are giving donations to companies offering free cancer for half of the benefits of this film. ”
The film’s release ‘MGM’ head Ali Akababu said, “The film got very well. We are happy to release this good film through our MGM. We are planning to release all the theaters on March 15, “he said.

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