Make ‘Ee Maaya Peremito’ A Big Hit : Sukumar


Senior Superstar Master Vijay’s son Rahul Vijay is going to be the hero of this movie ‘Maya Paaramitto’. Kavya Thapar is the heroine. Divya Vijay has directed this love, comedy and family entertainer, directed by Rama Kopala on VSA Works Banner. Will be released on 21st of this month. At the press conference established on this occasion …
C’Chayan said, “The film is a big success and it is a disaster for the title. Vijay is sure to get every fruit. Rahul succeeds to Rahul’s father Vijay’s range, “he said.
Bekum Venugopal said, ” Vijay was very far from the stadium in this range. She wanted to keep her children in the industry. As part of it, Rahul was trained in all kinds to make hero. Vijay, who is the producer of this film, is going to be a big hit and desperately wants to get a good name for the unit. I saw the movie. There are all the elements in the movie. Everyone will have a cinematic movie. ”
Yalanchini Ravishankar said, “I want the movie to be a big hit. All the best for Vijay Master Vijay Master, His Kids Divya and Rahul.
<img class=”size-full wp-image-15609 alignleft” src=”” alt=”” width=”678″ height=”381″ />Director Ramu Kopullala said, “‘Vijay Master was hard for 35 years. These two years have worked harder. I know how hard it is for this film to come to this stage. Thanksgiving for Thanksgiving. Very good producer. The movie is about what you know, believing the story and producing the film. Cinematography is by Shyam Dattaguru and art director Chinna Gagarin is supported by their own brother. Editor Naveen Nulli, thanks to the lyric writer. Music director Mani Sharma has given extraordinary music. The hero of the movie like Rahul is my luck with my movie. Rahul dance, fights all this easy. The film will have a style in Rahul Body. Thank you for actors and technicians who acted in the movie “.
Fight Master Vijay said, “The film will release on 21st of this month. Everyone is watching me for 30 years. I feel the same blessing will be provided to my children. If Sukumar has phone a year and a half ago, tell me if I do not tell the story, I will do that. Thanks to him. Succeeding in our childhood, we were standing very close to us. Sukumar and Trivikram Guidance were given. C. Kalyan was backbone. Thanks to Ravi Shankar, Bekham Venugopal and Thanksgiving to our Team who came to bless our efforts. In this case, the absence of Srihariar is a big deficit for me. I think he will always have his blessing. Special thanks to Sunil Narangar of Asian Films, for the head of GeetaRurtz’s release company. Everybody struggled. The film came out very well. Well, look at the cinema. I’m sure you’ll like it, “he said.
Rahul Vijay said, “In two days, the film will release on 21st of this month. A year and a half, my sister worked hard. They look hard to hurt me. I’m doing well. I do not know how to smile and smile on their face. It is like a coupons. In this case, my father and sister are saying that in the future I will have a hard time working for me. Sukumar said that the story was good and our movie became a start. Along with him, Kalyan and Ravi are all very good support. Our movie ‘Arjun Reddy, RX 100’ is not .. ‘This is Maya name’. Tell someone else to see if it is not bad, say time waste. Supported by Tarak in audio. Thanks to all who support it as well. ”
N. Shankar said, “I have a good relationship with Vijaymaster. I saw the movie. Very good .Cute Story. Beautifully sweethearted lovestory. Of course, everyone will like it. ”
Sukumar said, ” When I was in trouble I was contacted with Vijay Mastergear. Rahul was a little boy at that time. Master was a hero who would give him a hero. He was indeed a great dream. I laugh at you but today it’s true. He feels he’s struggling to make his son’s hero. Rahul is playing the role of Vijay Master. If you love the same father. There is truth in the Rahul. His emotion does not go waste. The film is definitely a big hit. Ramu Kappalu’s life has been difficult. But finally Vijay was given a chance in the master form. Rahul liked the story and he followed me up very well. Finally, Vijay Maestri made this story with the son of his son. The film came out very well. It is sure to see the family together. I am asking the audience to release this film on 21st of this big hit. “

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