Maharshi Mahesh Turns Out Stalin

Before Corona .. It’s enough that the birthday of the star heroes has come .. Fans used to celebrate in a range and express their admiration. But sadly .. now gone without a chance. That’s why the heroes are trying to impress the fans in some way on their birthday. In that order, the hero Mahesh celebrated his birthday and participated in the Green India Challenge … He planted plants at his residence in Phillaur on the occasion of his birthday.

He also gave a good message after washing the hands of the plants.

“Humans have the same right to live on this earth as they do to plants and animals. The elders said that civilization is to see all living things equally. But we are building bungalows. We are cutting down the forest. We are depleting the land by using manure. Disasters are happening, and in my view, real development is the growth of plants as well as humans! … Thirty must be moved “said Mahesh‌.

He threw the Green Challenge to three other celebrities. Junior NTR, Tamil actor Vijay and actress Shruti Haasan are all set to receive it. Mahesh Khaleja is to be commended for taking care of the plants. Well, it’s still … Mahesh Babu – Maharshi Andama? Is Stalin beautiful?

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