MAA Sivaji Raja Felicitates ‘Sirivennela’

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Everyone appreciates the awardee. However, everyone feels happy when one get award who deserves it. Some people always hope and wait for awards. But people hope deserved people to get awards. The second belonged to the ‘Siriwannala’ Seetharama Sasthi. ‘Padmasri’ who earned him now is a little appreciative of his power! His contributions to the decades of commitment earned him some popularity. Now the government has also been approved. The ‘Siva Venezuela’ when they received Padmashri, ‘our’ president Shivajira Raja – went to his home and went to congratulate him. Shivaji does not have a relationship with Cirvenes. His debut film ‘Eyes’ is composed by Seetharama Sastry ‘Tillarednu Legando’ Song. Anyway, when a great person is recognized, the immediate complimentary tradition. In the recent times, the Telugu film industry that has lost a lot of accusations – has the opportunity to renew his respect for at least such works. But the film artists association president does not want to congratulate each other – for the association, the filmmakers need to be honored.

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