Low In bucks … Even In Looks?


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The Poco F1 Flagship phone in August released a good reputation. It has a 6.18 inch screen with an Acercore processor and 6 GB of RAM. 64 GB and 128 GB versions of internal memory. Besides, it has a 256 GB expandable microSD card. The flagship phone is priced at 20 thousand ranges. But all are comparing this phone to OnePlus 6. OnePlus 6 is said to have a Pocco F1 competition. OnePlus 6 has 64 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB … three versions. They have a rate of between 35,000 and 45 thousand. Many people like Poco F1, who are capable of competing with such a great phone, are only available in the 20,000 range. However, even though it is a powerful phone, it does not compete with OnePlus 6 in terms of looks … using the Poko phone. Although OnePlus 6 is competitive in terms of speed, performance and features – OnePlus 6 looks great on the look, with Poco F1 rather than the cheaper plastic look. Anyway, if you have a good phone with a lot of high-end features, you can adjust it – some say! Nevertheless – the day when new phone models are released today – it is not too expensive to spend too much on a phone. If you buy a phone in mid range, you can change it once per year and be updated with technology. Agreed?

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