Let’s Bombard Now! And Forget Tomorrow!

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Karunanidhi .. Karunanidhi .. Karunanidhi .. Karunanidhi .. Karunanidhi .. Karunanidhi .. Now any Paper See, what TV is the same thing. Details about the same person. From the events that took place in the life of his life, from the words of his words to the jokes … the desire to cover everything is visible in the media. Is it really a devotion to him? Not. Now he’s a Trending topic because this is interesting ..
Chao Rao .. The topic was found!

When a man dies, he must think about it. We need to get to know him. This is good! Actually, the work is done. Every man who has a hearty heart is willing to recollect what he has learned from the time when the man dies, to remember once what he has achieved throughout his life and to pay him back.

However, in the order to completely exploit these human feelings in the public – the middle bound of the media is crossing. On the one hand TVs, on the web sites … say, say, show .. The value of the dead is worth. Whether or not the person is respected – the public needs information about the person so that he needs it. Dragging something from anywhere … Baboya is no more than a noise. Older magazines retire and search on Wikipedia – something that makes people overwhelming information. What is the quality of these? How honest is How many truths are there? Thinking – the answer is hard.

Honor? Or Disgust?

At least one thousand paintings are ready for him in the evening when a famous dying man died! The person who reads is fully aware of the fact that he has a risk of being disturbed.

Why is it that life is not enough to die? Then, once the person has come up with the details, we are going to dry for a couple of days. It’s like a man who has died and he has forgotten that nothing has happened to him, so he has been laughed about by the name of Karunanidhi .. Watch out for four days .. There is no word about that person today.

Problem with Too Much Info

Okay. That’s all news. Read the read. Otherwise … is wrong? – You know that. But no matter what trendy topic, everybody in the same time – the overwhelming details of the dough – so that the readers are at risk of losing human natural response. What else do you do It’s a good thing to remember that the best thing to do is give it a little bit of money and give it a little bit of money to do it.

Subbi Dead – Enki Wed

The media duty is to tell people about the celebrities, tell their great character and the great things in their life. What to do Stay busy with some special headlines and write about the great things in the lives of the rich. And it is not right to forget the man in the next two days, to get rid of the news, The media must recognize it.

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