Let Us Welcome Pretty Talented Anaswara

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That’s it! If the heroine is pretty red and white … If you do not get a big performance – in this situation, the heroines of the north will look. If you want good heroines who want to act with the same beauty, you should not look at Malayalam. It is not just the appealing look of Malayalam actresses, but the low culture and the talent that goes beyond that. From Meena to Nitya Menon today, from Nayanthara to Keerthi Suresh … Malayalam actresses are all beautiful, talented and above all else cultured.
Pretty But Insulting
The heroines hailing from the same Mumbai – four days here, and the chance to get a Bollywood engraving … Not so much. But speaking of Telugu Tamil cinema is a bit unbearable. Many people, including Kajal and Ileana, have found such a vacuum!
Therefore, the best option is to look for the heroines who are known for their beauty, talent and etiquette. And are there enough heroines we need? In fact, there are more talented and beautiful actresses in Malayalam than our demand.
Anu & Anaswara Rajan
Supply outweighs the demand … Whatever some of the Malayalees are eligible – we can not find place in our Telugu and Tamil cinema. Their career is going on in Malayalam without going into other cinema fields. Anaswara Rajan is one of those talented actresses .. A very young child indeed. But the talent is immense. The girl – who has already made two super hits – is soon heading towards another hit. However, this does not appear to have been recognized by Telugu directors. Anaswara Rajan, who is known for her captivating beauty and stunning performance, is currently working on the movie ‘Ranki’ in Murugadoss Direction in Tamil. The movie is a crime thriller. It is said that Trisha is playing the lead role and Anaswara Rajan is playing the second heroine. Anaswara definitely works. ? Malayalam? Majaka?

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