Ola Sends Lawyer Notices To Loyal Customers?

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One time, a burglar raider created accounts to hurt Uber. People are questioning the extent to which Lawyer notices that such Ola is treating respected customers like criminals today.

  • Ola Postpaid to lure customers
  • Violence with messages from the next day
  • The next ride is an unbearable frustration
  • Late fees if not built
  • Distribution of Lawyer Notices Treating Loyal Customers as Criminals

This is the nirvana of the Sri Sri Ola Company. Customers are the strength of any business. Ola is sending such notices to criminals. Is Ola Money the same as Call Money? Ori Nayano! In the event of no money, they offer! Those who treat notices by sending notices! This is Sarvasura Babu! – People that are heading.

What is this ‘Ola Postpaid’?

You want to go anywhere. There is no transport. If you do not have a cash or a card at that time, you have to have an Ola Account … You can travel up to Rs. That means temporarily free. You can make those payments later. It sounds like a great comfort to hear up and down? Because – Ola is offering us a great journey for free. It offers free travel in the absence of pocket money. – Only looking at this positive point? Find out though. There are a lot of things that irritate us behind this. These are not noticeable by many.

Thinking about paying on next ride? No …

For example – let’s say we don’t have any money to give to Ola. Select ‘Ola Postpaid’ option and go wherever you want. Okay for a couple of days … From there we start the torture. Phone calls are received at least two to three times a day, and countless times there are SMSes. You constantly use our wonderful option “Ola Postpaid”, say, “Quickly tie it up, otherwise you will be blocked out.” This is a problem for city dwellers in life. Would you travel to Ola again in the next week or so, and then you can combine it – many would think it would be even harder to do it.

You can not move without paying!

Usually when we owe anything to Ola, Ola won’t let you move unless the old bill breaks. If you have to go anywhere in an emergency, book an Ola. – When this old bill gets blocked, it bothers to book the original ride.

Well, when there was no cash card in our hands before, the sinner used to be in a hurry. You may think it is fair to use the money. True. There is no denying. But if you only use Ola once – Ola is using it to catch your pee in your emergency. Lawyer notices are also being filed. This is a very serious matter.

Who helps whom?

Think really. If we weren’t given the ‘Ola Postpaid’ option that day, we would be looking at another route … Another chance to get even cheaper! Because now Ola is not the only city in the city, there are many ways to travel. There are many things like car services, bike services and metro. But then when we are in need – before we look the other way – to boost his business .. booking us in the name of “postpaid” is a business trick. Okay so far! It is too bad to start harassing from there.

They offer you! And They iltreat you!

Let’s postpone the next ride together, and from there “Late Fee” starts. This means that if you have to cut Rs 250, it can be Rs 250 or Rs 300 in combination with this late fee. Unless all this is washed out – you won’t be traveling to Ola again. Because they block you. Worst of all, Lawyer notices. Customer is the strength of any organization. It is a crime to entice such a customer in need. After all, dragging more in the name of Late Fee without agreeing to tie it up with the ride, and without stopping – until the Lawyer notices that customers are guilty of something – is a very bad thing. Such a stern attitude towards business-oriented customers may one day lead to begging.

Who is the culprit? Olana? Ola Customer?

Ola has a case that a burglar raider created accounts to hurt Uber once. They question whether such ola today treats respected customers like criminals to the extent of sending lawyers notices. While ‘Ola Postpaid’ is a very comfortable and generous look, people realize that this is only a green business trick. Ola has stopped using the postpaid facility.


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