Language.. Deviates? Or Integrates?

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The king’s mother is the mother of all people. Also, if she is left alone for the whole country, your mothers will never have this respect. So all of you kill your mothers and serve her – that is when the revolution breaks out. Because in a country like the subcontinent, rubbing off on a language … is the most ridiculous thing, but also the damned thing!

30 September 2019. International Translation Day. Translating things from one language to another is the most important thing in life. Today is the day to honor all those who have made such contributions.

Would the world be better off if it did?

When we interact with someone of another language, we get a sense of living. If we learn another language, our world will be vast. But in a time when the world is becoming global – the use of some common languages is becoming more and more important and many other languages are becoming less important. Some think that everything will disappear if the original. But this is a very wrong concept. The world will not be better if everyone forgets their own languages and speaks English or another language. There is a reason for this.

Language is not just grammar or grammar. Every language, a culture and a way of life are intertwined. All the proverbs and sayings in that language are symbolic of the life style of those languages. As we ignore that language, that culture is also ignored. So – no matter how many languages are learned – we should not sacrifice our own language or our own culture for anyone. Doing so would be like treason!

To whom they are .. But all one ..

Language is one of the most important things in the world. Separation means that we should not look in the wrong sense. Each person has a unique identity. Everyone should be together. But whose identity they should have. That is what our India has described as ‘unity in diversity’. This ideal is the pinnacle of our India. Moreover, the Constitution of India does not want to kill the country’s linguistic diversity – a national language or another language.

Some may be campaigning for the unity of the country to kill the diversity of the country. But the back of their words is for political benefit – not patriotism. India is like a mother who embraces all sorts of different things. Such a broad outlook is in the Indian constitution – so long as we are all under one umbrella.

This is the secret of unity!

The king’s mother is the mother of all people. Also, if she is left alone for the whole country, your mothers will never have this respect. So all of you kill your mothers and serve her – that is when the revolution breaks out. Because it is not only the most ridiculous thing but also the damned thing! One of the comforters at home is like a striped shirt. One likes a dotted shirt. When everyone wants to wear the same striped shirt as a band, there is a lot of uproar. This is similar to the Hindi language of the country! To whom they are firmly in conflict. This is the secret of unity.

Telugu lost a lot already!

India is unlikely to have an important language like the Japanese and the Germans. Each state is huge. That is why India is a subcontinent world. What is it like to rub the same language in a place like this? There are profoundly rich and profound languages here. They have so much history and so much great literature. Hindi is the language of yesterday’s birth. A language with more Persian origins. Except that Devanagari Lipini takes some Sanskrit Padalini – Indian is less of a Hindi. It is not only ludicrous but also grossly unfair to see Hindi rubbing off on all true Indian languages. So far, the world has shown that Hindi is the only Indian language. As a result, Telugu and Tamil internationally have become unrecognizable. If a software is released worldwide – the English version – the Spanish, Japanese, German and Chinese versions will also be released. Now if we accept that Hindi is the representative of the whole of India – it will be a permanent killing of Telugu on international platforms. It should be remembered by all.

What? What if some time has passed?

Whose language is great to them. But Telugu is really great. There is a lot of great literature and a lot of attention to Telugu people. Telugu has the ability to turn an unspoken assertion while listening. Our language is appropriate for any given period. But if our Telugu is so great, there is no profit. Do you need to know the greatness of Telugu before? Then we can talk to any platform. So – no matter how sweet you are, give yourself some time in your life for Anna Telugu.

Thanks to Google!
Speaking of linguistics – everyone should thank Google. Google’s translate services have transformed the global translation picture to serve different languages.

Translation of the mind language is important!
Not just man, but every mind has language. All of the feelings in the mind cannot be said in language. Some of our anger, likes, and displeases are revealed in our actions. Some stay inside. Even if a man does not speak – that intuition in his mind

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