Lakshmi’s NTR… YCP’s RGV?

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People are surprised by Ramgopal Verma. A chief in the post is directing the video in the video and releasing the song as “a conspirator of conspiracy” – probably no director in Indian history! If the TDP party and the party fans are threatening to say that we want to tell our chief, “heartburn dogs” is the hearty heart of Varmadi.

“I’m not showing anyone as a villain in the film, but only the things that happened,” Verma says. And what’s wrong to be wrong in those matters? Is it true that Chandrababu Naidu has taken the NTR party? Is Chandrababu the name of the final blow? So, in the election time, it is a conspiracy with VCP Varma – that TDPs come to a decision. Warm up. It is true that Varma never took the support of the parties. We can not assume that Varma’s support is not going to vote. But Lakshima NTR’s filmmaker is the VSIP leader and NTR’s biopic is coming up – at the same time, the release of the promo song of the birthday of the original Jagan Mohan Reddy – are they all too awesome? – If it’s in the vermic version – all are bizarre!

Varma has always been the most courageous. Blood history, Bezwada Rowdies, though, Vangavatiyam – Varma has never been to anyone’s warnings, no fear. But now that the promo song on the Chief Minister has to be the promo song – certainly the YSRP party support has to be counted. But is this YSRC Party behind him on the day of Varma Dawood Ibrahim or Nayeem Mehta film? Did he do all his own courage? – That is what people have to remember.

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