Khabaddar! Don’t Look In Wrong Perspective!

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Dear Indian brothers!
Our request to you. Don’t look at heroines in the wrong way. No original woman should be mistaken. No matter what dress they wear! That is why we appeal to you to be more cautious about heroines like Payal. What? How do you wear such provocative clothing? This is more! Is it provocative? Is there no culture? They like their clothes. How to get dressed. We have no right to be concerned about them or their clothing. There is no original for men. Seeing the heroines, going to the cinema and buying a ticket .. It’s our responsibility. And we do not suffer from any mental disorders!

See this Still for example. RX 100 Heroine Payal Rajput Bollywood Movie Do you have any mental disorders? Joy. Show your doctor if you have it. Also … what dresses like this? What is being exposed? Throw comments. Do not disturb the woman’s liberty! That’s their choice. It is our duty to respect them no matter what the dress. Payal has great respect for us. We want you to be respectful as well.

Enti? Do such dresses cause mental disorders? But we were told to show it to the doctor. No matter how attractive women dress and dress, the Indian man’s character is that he is free from any mental distress. But in the end – remember that it is a violation of woman’s freedom.

If the heroines like the Payal-like sword show this – what else? Called? In the meantime the Rakhi festival has gone away. One can find two rakhis left in the house. One of them is bundled up by similar heroines. The same is the solution.
We say it again. Women, especially heroines, weep and tear, not to look bad, not to look bad, not to suffer from any mental disability or any dress.

Whatever your case .. Payal looks like a lot of respect. Be with yourself as well as with good feelings. Wrong thoughts. Khabardar! – On behalf of all the heroines like Payal and women’s unions, we are seriously warning all men.

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