Keeravani Handles The Song ‘Ratham’ Song


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Geeth Anand and Chandni Bhagwani are the heroines in the new film Chandrasekhar Kanuri directed by Rathnam. The film is being romantic entertainer and Sukumar pammy is playing the music and Raja Dorapunan is producing the film on Raj Films banner. Recently, the movie has released a song teaser in the presence of well-known actresses. The teaser gave a huge response to the song and gave a huge response to the song .. Fresh movie is another song from this movie. The famous music director Keevarani has been released recently. ‘This song starts with a lot of fun and already has a positive response across teaser and song A song from the film, the audience can integrate more and more of this .. soon, trailer, release date officially announced by the producers Chitra ..

Actors: Geet Anand, Chandni Bhagwanani, Naren

Director: Chandrasekhar Kanuri
Submission: A. Vinod
Producer: Raja Tharappuneni
Banner: Gossip Films banner
Music Director: Sukumar Pammi
PRO: Vamsi Shekhar

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