Intention Behind KCR’s Approach To TSRTC?

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What KCR really did to RTC? Good or good for nothing? After several days of fighting, after a lot of excitement – unexpectedly KCR entered the scene.

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The cool news that RTC employees who were disappointed that everything was gone, could not be re-employed – became a hero among them. Fifty days before the end of the day – the RTCs who have been seeking it for weeks – have come to the point of wanting jobs. What is the cause of this craving? Is the happiness that comes from the inability to fight Batu? Or do they really want to? However, when they realized that their jobs were not fired – all the artisans jikaru KCR. The compliments were also lauded as the mind maraju. The unionists are shaking their heads without knowing what the original KCR gave them. However, it is true that KCR has now come under the control of RTC unions. Original Telangana. Nice people who talk about eternal rights. Don’t you want to be actual unions? That is why the KCR has put in place a Temporary Limit – at least for two years – and has overcome that objection. Bhalla KCR also assured that there is no private param.

Said before. Said privately. Now there is none. Everything is the same. While now working well and demanding RTC to make a profit – even if Sutti had cautioned that it would not be fair if profit was not brought in! What is the KCR temper? Employees are employed by employees. This is because any company can turn a profit if it works. If the employees speak up for the rights of the movement and the excitement, then the employees – the state – will eventually go bankrupt. Some of the employees who get their rights up and running out of their throats – the fugitives arrive as soon as they get to work. If questioned – reversed. Demonstrate smoke. But this is only valid for a while. Getting the rights, playing and singing – If the responsibilities are in jeopardy – Surplus State must die! Is KCR behaving this way for government employees to know the truth? Is the Telangana RTC working better than ever? Get into profits? Otherwise, as always, after four days of rush, will it ever be? – These are questions that need to be settled!

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