KCR … Adurs.. If He Speaks!


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How is KCR administration? What is his capacity? Is he taking gold or gold? – All of this is true, from the very beginning he has made him the Chief Minister of the truth that no one can be undone and undeniable truth. This is something new again confirmed. At the time of Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Hyderabad, KCR was pressed to hold a press meet and hit the wave with his rhetoric and vigor. To make accusations against KCR, to get popular among the people of Telangana, Rahul, like the Congress leader, has been hit by the Congress party, Whether Rahul’s speech has been done or not … The Press Meet Congress, which has been given KCR in the defense,

KCR said that he did not tell me about his commitment to Telangana. If Rahul is afraid of KCR – Congress leaders say – Rahul Annavadi was taken as a young child KCR. He said that he did not even talk to him. Before the politically mature KCR – the Congress height does not work. Congress leaders are keen to see KCR again hurting his words if he is enthralled to the state who is enthralled to the post of prime minister. Kesiar Maja?

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