‘Kanabaduta Ledu’ Teaser Review

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‘Kshanam, Goodhachari, Agent Sai Srinivasa Atreya, Hit… thriller movies like these .. with super success .. there is a demand for such films in Telugu in a range .. that is why some young directors are showing enthusiasm to make films in this genre. Such a movie is ‘Kanabaduta Ledu’.

This is a Main Missing Investigative Thriller. A young director named Balaraju

He screened the film with a gripping screenplay. .

Director Sukumar unveiled the movie teaser. “The teaser is very good. The shot is very creative. The shot-to-shot connectivity is very innovative. It’s very happy to release a teaser like this. Sukumar.

Looking at the shots in the teaser, Sandeep Baudula’s cinematography looks very good. Sukumar hopes that the entire team that worked on the film will be very familiar with the industry. I want to give a good break to all the actors including Sukrant. All the best to the producers. I want the film to be a huge success, “said Sukumar.

Doesn’t seem to have started the teaser interestingly. The teaser begins with a constable complaining to a police inspector about two corpses found in a dumping yard. All the key characters in the film are creatively introduced. The teaser was made interesting by the fact that a young woman came to the police station complaining that her friend Shashita was missing and that she was the last person to see Surya and his friends, and that even the suspect Aditya did not appear.

How did they all go unnoticed? What are the dead bodies found in the dumping yard? Who is behind this? The answer to all these questions will be known only after the release of the film.

Music director Madhu Ponnas’ background score elevated the mood of the whole scenes. Sandeep has increased the intensity of Buddhist cinematography. The teaser makes it clear that director Balaraju has chosen a different path to tell the story.

A first look at the film has just been released. There was a good response to it. Now with the teaser the expectations on the movie have increased even more.

Sukrant Virella is playing the hero in this movie.

The film is directed by S.S. Films are co-produced by Sripada Creations and Shade Studios.

See this teaser review here.

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