Junior NTR Says Me Too

Don’t worry about the title. He never hurt anyone. No one was compliant. None of this hurt. It has nothing to do with the original “Me Too” movement. “Me Too” – I mean it, too. The thing is – Junior NTR, which had previously starred in a variety of banners – is now going to have its own banner. Alredi Harikrishna’s sons Kalyan Ram and Janakiram have their own banners ever since. However, Junior NTR felt it was necessary to have his own banner again.

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Our stars all have their own banners – except for a few! Now Junior NTR has also joined the list of heroes who have their own banner. Not only that, he wants to own the studio under his grandfather’s name. No matter what anyone likes. Heroes have to be heroes and earn their own banners and studios because they are. Because we have seen a lot of actors who shoot their own banners and make movies and spend a lot of time in the studio. However, it must be said that this is indeed a wise move.

Generally, the heroine’s career is shorter than the heroine’s. Due to the lack of a guarantee that the career will last – all of the heroines are getting into the craze, taking care of the double and going into business. Star heroes now feel business-safe, though they have a long career compared to them. This is because heroes are not making more movies these days. In the past, however, there were also star heroes who made films every month or two. But now the star heroes have been making a film for a year or two. In this period of old age of movies – the number of millions of remuneration in the peak time .. Final earning is less. This is why some people come to the idea that relying on business is better.

So by putting up banners and setting up studios – tomorrow’s own career is back – the business will not suffer. Moreover, whenever there is a career gap, the film can be made under its own banner – a career. So Junior’s idea is a good one.

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