Jeeva and Nayanthara star in ‘Veede Sarikodu’

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Jeeva and Nayanthara starred in Tamil and won the Tamil version of the film titled ‘Veedi Saridodu’. Jakkula Nageswarao presents coca header on Nova Cinemas flag Prasanna Kumar, producer Damodar Prasad and Mohan Vadlap were also present at the press meet.

Producer Damodar Prasad said:

Short films make up to 150 a year. Up to 30 dubbing films are released. These dubbed movies are like fillers for big movies. The film is a success and producer Nageshwara Rao wants to make a good money and a name.

Prasanna Kumar, producer

The film has good commercial elements and good actors. He wants the film to be a big success.

Speaking to Mohan Vadla …
The release date of the film has been good. Nayanthara, the biopic will be an added attraction for the film. Producer Nageshwar Rao believes the film will make a good name.

Producer Nageshwara Rao said …
Thanks to all who helped me with this film. Prasanna Kumar, Damodar Prasad and Mohan Vadlap are very supportive of the film and they are special thanks. On September 6, the audience was asked to do their best to ensure that the film was a success.

Cast: Jeeva, Nayanthara

Producer: Jakkula Nageswara Rao
Music: Srikanth Deva, Lyrics: Vennelakanthi, Chandra Bose

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