Jahnavi… Click @ clinic … Media On Panic !


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“Jahnavi, daughter of Sridevi appeared near a clinic yesterday,” a website has published it as a popular news. Heroes should not be seen at the clinic, they should not be sick and cold. “- These are our media rules.
But sadly the new heroine does not seem to know these things, so Jahnawi appeared to be in a clinic neighborhood in Juhu, Mumbai. Clicked. In fact Jahnavi is very common in these photos. The foot path is where the bad smell is. In another photo – put the upper shirt in the bag … smiling phone is checking. That’s not all that web site was all about. Jahnavin has made a big mistake, as it has been red-handed – the photograph was prominently published. The story is that it’s a girl’s story! Her name is Jahnew! Jahnavi Patel!

Papa Jaahnavi Patel!
Jahnavi is also a girlfriend? If you have any trouble in her becoming a celebrity, what is it like? Why is she at the clinic? Someone may have come to see a friend or do not notice that there is a clinic – something on the road may be standing on the job. But do you want to click on it in a moment? Clicking okay. Write to be irritating to suspect?

Papa Jahanvi Kapoor!
You have come into this new video we have come from the days of degraded journalism that has come down to journalism. You are the first to be a celebrity. If the heroines appear in the public – something a sari shop, jewelry shop should be visible in the opening .. not the clinic in the pubs. That is the media rule. If it looks like they play. If you have four such chains – you are gifted journalists and your career will be tomorrow. Fortunately, you have hit with ‘Dhadak’. In the early days you should not be bothered by the media. Take some precautions!

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