Jaanu Remake Really That Good?


“Our movie Jaanu has been transformed into a wonderful classic. Everyone is connected to it!” That is Dilraju. “This is the special movie of my career,” says Samantha. Tira is a remake of Tamil 96 movie. Many of those who saw the original Alredi. Receiving a remake movie is not a thing of the past? How was it in the past though? In Tamil, a successful film in Tamil, a year in Kannada is a masterpiece. Not now? All language movies are available to the public. How great the remake is doing with the original – predicting the release and valuing it after the release. What else would be great in our remake of this kind of situation rather than in the original movie?

Now that Samantha’s season is good – there’s some hope that Samantha will do better here than Trisha. But is it necessary to give this much hype? Do you really appreciate it? Too much hype will be lost. The movie that people have seen. That should be remembered. Over and over it is not an Ashamashi movie. Released in 2018, the biggest hit of the year is October. When you make such films – a little bit of it, but it will crack. Do you remember how many criticisms of Srutihassan in Sreepallavi in ​​Prematam?

Well, a great remake of the Nativity. Telugudanam is zero in the title. What is this Jaanu? Is this an Urdu movie? Or a Hindi movie?

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