It Is Okay If ‘Valmiki’ is Directed By Harish Himself!

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Likewise, Harish Shankar is directing the film Valmiki? And what about this title? Read the same. Harish Shankar is now the director of Mega Compound, just like Vivivinayak once was. He became the director of the family of Mega Compound – taking the hit of Gabbarsingh – which was the cousin of the Brothers’ successor and the heiress. If you look at ‘Valmiki’ movie now you will see something new. Based on the Tamil film ‘Jigar Thanda’, ‘Valmiki’ is named after Varun Tej. Anyway – backyard tree medicine is useless. And they like themselves and hit with their directors. But in the megacompound – people are told that the stories and scenes should not be changed to suit the image of the heroes. While we don’t know how true this is – it’s true that the best films come when directors are not directing heroes!

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