Is Vijay’s ‘Sarkar’ A “Janasena Movie”?

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Vijay’s ‘Sarkar’ has been linked to more than the Tamils. Sarkar Aravasini … the political film in it. So no matter how much dubbing film we want to see. But in the current election, it’s hot … it’s connecting more than what they want. In fact, this film is made for Vijay’s political debut in Tamil Nadu. Murugadas, a Shankar disciple, made this film in his mentor formula. Society has a plus plus commercial elements for the society … and they have done technology with the technology … Shankar tried to achieve commercial success in the manner.

It is initially well known that this is a political film and it is only a matter of Tamils ​​that can only be connected. Even though the Great Director like Maniratnam had previously been aired – MGR, Karunanidhi’s story of ‘Two’ … is a Tamil political story – the Tamils ​​have nothing to connect. Vijay Devarakonda’s ‘Nota’ situation in Tamil Telugu films is also the same! Some analysts think that the same experience may be repeated in Vijay’s ‘Sarkar’. However, the film is said to be more connected than Telugu.

Take the ‘Sarkar’ movie story – the chief minister of experienced political experience, on the other side, with the new party, ideals and the young politicians who go ahead with the new political policy. The story of this story is usually hot because Chandrababhini and Pawan Kalyan are your characters. This happened. However, the role of Vimp’s in Tamil Nadu was controversial. Veerakshmi Sarath Kumar starring the character named Komalavalli, Jayalalithani was wrong as there. Because Jayalalitha’s real name is Komalavalli. It is also the Tamil Sarkar film that has been banned in Tamil Sarkar. But if the role played by Jayalalithaa’s side – some parts of the rest of the story seem to be like the Andhra Pradesh story – some are promoting it as ‘JanaSana Cinema’. Despite the absence of comparisons – due to the fact that the whole story is supported by a young leader – this film is becoming more and more popular. Controversies due to not being too super hit Opponents criticize fewer controversies. But in this political atmosphere the story is touted in Telugu. However, all the cinematographers are happy to see Sarkar’s movie.

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