Is This Movie Watchtable In Theatre?

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Raja literally means “Posani krishna murali gurostostade or some …” Something called an action thriller and romantic .. If this movie stills looking – then it looks like something green. If we watch a video released in the name of a movie making video – will the original be a normal audience? Sounds. Something more! Movie making videos tomorrow, even censor! What is the use?

‘My Name is Raja’, this time with three dynamic and varied characters and getups, is the action star Raj Suryaan’s hero. The tag line is ‘Edo type … Definitely different’. The heroine of the film is Bold and Beautiful and Hot Hot Nasreen.

Prabhu Surya, Ayushree and Iranian supermodel Ava Safai make their debut in this action thriller and romantic film. On the completion of the film, the producers said, ‘We have completed shooting in Andhra-Telangana, Kerala and Karnataka in about 65 days. Sensational title song “Raja Raja Manmadha Raja ..Aja Aza Na Raja” was shot by choreographer Nagesh Hollywood style and the song was written by Mohan Bhogaraju. We are planning to release and release the movie in November. ”
Starring Prabhu Surya, Ayushree, Iran, Supermodel Ava Safai and Aradhya, the film has music by Elvin Joshua, cinematographer A. Venkat; Editorః Venky UDV; Fightsః Thriller Manju, Mass Madam; Choreographer Nagesh.V; Lyricsః Srimani, Sahiti; Producers Raj Suriyan, Kiran Reddy, Prabhakar Reddy; Writing-Philosophy Ashwin Krishna.

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