Is There Really Such A Big Villain In Naresh?

Is There Really Such A Big Villain In Naresh?

Naresh is known to everyone as a comedy hero. Don’t become a character artist in the meantime. But after ‘our’ clashes the attitude of the people towards him changed. “Hey. Is there really such a big villain in comedy Naresh?” The Telugu people are sniffing at that.

Is There Really Such A Big Villain In Naresh? 1

Everything split in two in the recent ‘our’ clash. There was a lot of discussion. What mistakes were made towards Mohan Babu camp … What mistakes were made towards Prakash Raj camp … People discussed. Some missed this … some missed theirs. But – no matter who splits … no one can say that one person is wrong. The character that everyone unanimously decided was “this is the villain” was no different. Naresh!
Naresh, who was once a shining light as a comedy hero in movies, later took over the presidency of ‘Maa’ in earnest and finally laughed. He has done comedy in movies – he knows that cinema is different … life is different … but he took this presidency very seriously. Really … ‘Our’ presidency is not comedy, seriously! But, it’s not the tenth U.S. presidential level. It should be taken as seriously as it can be taken. That feels like a big deal – if taken too seriously … everything ends up being comedy in the end. This thing must have made sense to him in this song. However, do not assume that it makes sense. Because, even though these members and members of ‘Ma’ said that Naresh is all the trouble … there was no big response from him. He has no remorse for his behavior.

Prakash Raj’s team members, who were very hostile towards Vishnu and Mohan Babu, also said, “We got away with keeping the real Naresh close.”
And this level of opposition to him – Naresh should have taken this matter very seriously and corrected himself. But, he took it as a comedy. After the Prakash Raj team broke up with many accusations and allegations against Naresh … Marnadu Naresh Media came forward. Winners in general do not speak of underestimating losers. No matter how proud or triumphant the victory is inside – all the losers are in a kind of misery, so to speak, as if they are gathering … talking a little bit cool. People thought that Naresh would speak like that … but he did not even take the allegations against him seriously – he did comedy. What should he actually do? “Yeah … why is everyone saying that to me? What’s the problem with my behavior? Do I really need to correct myself? He also dismissed all of his opponents’ allegations as comedic.

People who have only seen Naresh as a comedian … a character actor so far … when they see him in this new angle now … “Abba Naresh! Are you a comedian … is there a good villain …” they thought. However, he is aware that if he does not change his mind, Mohan Babu’s team, which has now joined the fold, will soon push him aside.

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