Is The Vision Defective? The Magnifying Glass…

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Do not you feel bad? The magnifying glass is available to see the candidate name and the symbol while voting. As each vote is valuable, the Central Election Commission has been making additional provisions for increasing the polling percentage on the one side and effectively using the right to vote. At each polling station, a magnifying glass is ready for voters. It is useful for voters who are unable to recognize the name of the candidate and the mark for the voters who come to the polling station. The Election Commission has made it clear that the names and names of the candidates on EVMs are clearly visible. The ‘magnifying glass’ is available in all polling stations.

The Election Commission has suggested that ink, polling statements and the polling material will be available to the magnitude also.
This gives the opportunity to look at the difficulties of some elderly people due to age-related perspectives. In the 2014 elections, the TRS candidates were concerned about the car signal and the similarity of the trucks. Special appeals to the Central Election Commission have taken care to remove any mark of the truck in the December assembly election and remove any candidate from the list. The electoral commission, which predicted that such difficulties will come up at this time, has been making a magnitude of all polling stations. The required voters suggested that the presiding officer could be asked at the polling station.

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