Is Jagan’s Government Wasting Time?

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Jagan and Chandrababu talk to each other in the assembly. Many of the idealists are embarrassed by watching those videos on YouTube. “It’s time to disconnect people’s problems. You can’t swear, not to stumble. Stop wasting time and think about people” …

Of course! The assembly is not to be reviled or to be stolen. But is the Jagan regime really wasting time now? – That’s the question.

In comparison to the past, the present opposition – the fewer seats, the better. As Jagan said – if some of the winners were pulled by the YCP – it is also true that Chandrababu had no opposition! It must be said that Jagan behaved with generosity in that regard. But bragging is not the point. The ruling party must always give value to the opposition! But people need to remember how far this town is.

When Telugu Desam was in power – the opposition had more than sixty seats – they were never given value in the assembly sessions. Suppose the opposition boycotted the assembly. In that case – it is natural for the ruling party to use it when they have the opportunity. It should be criticized if the excesses of public opinion are sidelined – it is not correct that the government is just starting out.

If his father, who is hugely popular, dies – as the chief minister – he will continue to succeed despite the hardships caused by the politics of the opposition. No wonder that one day he sits in the seat where his father sat – the pics of his dreaming of something impossible – and somehow the philosophy of blow to blow. Also young. So it needs to be corrected. But if you put aside all the work of another year and sit in criticizing the opposition – then say so. And then – why are you accused of wasting time?

Chandrababu, who gives six months to the government – could not wait for months to attack the government. How can people who are just like the Opposition start criticizing immediately? Shouldn’t the government breathe a sigh of relief?

It was only a month and a half before the Jagan administration began. Generally, the first three to four months are spent to sustain the government. But the pics started work earlier than everyone expected. Speed was also made. Going to Delhi and assessing the status quo, come to the KCR with water panchayats .. With the decisions of the five deputy CM … New administration in the administration. Wherever you see a speed. Still, the pacing of the pics seems to be driving the state. Over the course of the Assembly’s four-word speech – over-commenting is a waste of time. Jagan should not forget the fact that Jagan himself has a responsibility to prove his good governance in the first six months. So – it’s easy to imagine that Jagan is in his limits.

However – the government should not scold the opposition. Also, the flaws that the government has not appreciated, and the lack of enthusiasm are clear in the opposition. So we have to say dandu donde.

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