Is It Not Democracy To Ask For Respect To All Languages?

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The #HarBhashaEqual – The Language of the Language (A) Equal to the Dealight is about creating a Telugu sensation written by Telugu.Com. ‘Does South India have linguistic independence? “This article, which was written by the language, Some of the Natizans brought to our attention that this article had increased the milk. In the same way they were responding to the jail. But the fact is that, in fact, it is easy to understand that this article is somewhat misleading and there is no intentional comment on the constitution of India. Critics should make it clear that demands for demilitarization are for democracy. It is democracy that demands respect for their language in all the languages ​​of the country, except that it is not a crime or crime.

If it does – the words of the Southern South are spending the north is not mavi. They are popular in the media. The larger National Channel – gave discrimination programs to this. What’s wrong when they are criticized – when they just quit – what’s wrong? – asks the interviewer who is experienced in journalism for twenty years.

However, it is important to note that the charge that was found in things is actually anxiety over inequality. There are no opposers in any language in India. But the benefits of other languages ​​must be questioned if they try to find a language. That is democracy! That’s what made Telugu.

What’s wrong with stopping the Hindi massage on the south? Is not that what you are doing since independence? If the Pony is compulsory in the South in the South – what is wrong if the north is at least one of the two southern languages? So do not eliminate the inequality? Should not you say that everyone is the same? Our objection is that giving preference to Hindi is #HarBhashaEqual. Saying that it is a secular constitution, it is a Hindu country – it is wrong to say that it is a Hindi country that all languages ​​are equal! Hindi promotions have been conducted in Southern India. Why not take steps to increase respect for other languages ​​in the Hindi community, especially in the Hindi speaking community? DETHCH lounge phone providers and entertainment companies in south India – what do you mean if the terms of the south are more preferred than Hindi? This will lead to equality. If the center can take up – the problem of these linguistic disparities will decline for some time. Thus the director wants to move forward.

Finally! is not a site with narrow feelings like language fenetism. In Akhand Bharatavani – the site that has the most generous feelings that internationally desires all over. This is an attempt to clearly highlight the mistakes of the former, with the intent of increasing the linguistic and cultural inequalities of the North and South to the extent that it is not an end to integrity and integrity. Journalists’ duty to criticize democracy in discrimination! Fixing mistakes is the duty of criminals! Everyone should realize that the wrong thing is wrong – that means that it is the biggest threat to democracy.

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