Is It Bad If AP Capital Is Changed?

It is believed that Jagan will somehow change the capital … Someone has come to the conclusion that Jagan does not listen to what he said … Some have even started campaigning against capital change. He started telling the saints that whatever moved the capital from Amravati – it was very ominous. Some YouTube channels also seem to have emerged exclusively for opposing capital change from the original Amravati.

Jagan is stubborn. Circumstances prove that he has the power and the ability to cope with any number of problems. What if the Jagan’s capital needs to be redirected? What is to be done in Amravati without moving the capital? Opposition should come from the people. When the common man does not work through simple logics – the saints take refuge. This is our Indian Mindset. That is why Jagan hopes his decision will be reversed if the opposition of the saints is met with any kind of opposition – he appears strong among his opponents.

But these saints are not alone. If one changes, he says. Another he – the one who foretold that the original Amaravathi Muharurt was not good! Another saint who claims to be Aghora says that Jagan will die as the Chief Minister. One of the thumbnails to say on YouTube. The content inside is different – there are some people who look upwards and support it.

So – if one partisans say that it is ugly to change Amaravati by a saint with an astrologer on their channel – it is not, and if not changed, a thousand astrologers and saints are ready, including aghoras. Tell us what’s less in our country? This is the BJP and India.

But the pics will change the capital here … There is no clear word on where to change it. The capital will be raised in four places. Running the subject carefully, gradually reducing the emphasis on Amravati, keeping it nominal, and intensifying the rest, we understand from the very beginning that the pics are very clever.

The best thing a politician can do is to do whatever he wants while remaining publicly hostile. Do that – they will get to that level. Those who oppose capital change are well aware of this. Can a politician make any decision if there is indeed a public outcry? Tisukoledu. Whenever there is fierce opposition from all the people, the leader really has to bow down. But at the moment – only a very few people see this opposite. There are many, many people who think that it is good to have development going on everywhere. It is said that the people voted for Jagan because they believed that there were many manipulations in Amravati. So how many people still feel the need to keep capital in Amravati?

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