iPhone 11 Release Date Revealed!

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There are many rumors about the arrival of the iPhone in general. The release of the new version has been going on for a long time almost every year in September … The world is eagerly anticipating the date. Each time the leaks and rumors are revealed, the rumor of some rumors … both ways the iPhone is going crazy. This time, however, a Japanese software company owner accidentally said that the iPhone would be released.

If this happens, a new telecommunication business law in Japan will come into effect on October 1 this year. He spoke of the law in an interview – “We don’t understand what’s going to happen for ten days.” This means that the iPhone will be released on September 20, exactly 10 days before it is due. The new law will only come into force on October 1, so these ten days will not apply. And applying this law to Apple’s new phone for ten days … or? Is their ambiguity.

Thus confronted … The owner was indirectly disclosing that the phone will be released on September 20. This may also be the trick. Awesome ways to increase the craze. However, the arrival of the iPhone 11 on September 20 sounds promising.

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