Interview With Megha Choudhary

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1. How is your character going to be in this movie?
My character name is Ghadi. The character of Ghadi is very traditional. The character of the girl who has independent feelings. The character is connected to every girl. Family on the other hand .. On the other hand is the role of a girl who balances professional life properly. My character up here .. Remaining in the movie ..
2. How did you feel about acting with Naveen Vijay Krishna?
Being a good human being .. Starting his career as an editor and now becoming an actor is a wonderful thing. He has a good actor. When I came to Hyderabad nobody knew Hyderabad. On December 31, 2017, I came to Hyderabad for another movie. Then I heard the script. After joining the team, Naveen became a good friend. Until then, I had no friends here. Then in 2017 the filmmaker and directors I signed up for took me out and gave the party. It just seemed to me that in Hyderabad everything would be like a family. Naveen then made contact with the team. I have their support from then on. I yell when there are occasional problems in the shooting but Naveen is very cam and cool. He is very quiet, no matter what the problem. I learned it from him. Tension does not fall into place even if it is done according to our plan of action.

3. Where did you come from .. tell me about you ..?
I was born in Kolkata. I’m from Rasagullas City. I was born and raised there. I am currently staying in Mumbai. I started acting when I was 16 years old. My mentor is Ritu Parnu Ghosh. After that I went to Bombay and I worked as an assistant director and also as a casting assistant. Now I am working on Telugu and Tamil films.

4. Which films served as assistant director ..?
I was made the assistant director of the Shraddha Kapoor starring Hasina Parker film under the direction of Milan Luthria. After that I also worked as a casting assistant for Emmes Dhoni Biopic. My first film as an actress came in Bengali and was produced by Amar Prem .. Eros Entertainment. The film was released in 2016. Marshall is my first movie released in less than two weeks in Telugu. Now I want to come forward with the film.

5. How is this movie going to be ..?
Who wants to be a complete family entertainer? Every character in our family is the same. Everyday, the characters in our family appear in the film. Each character has a lot of importance. I feel honored to share screen space with senior actors like Jayasudha, Rao Ramesh and Kota Srinivasarao in particular. Everybody’s characters are so awesome in the movie. These characters are just like in every home. Even when the seniors are on the set once everything is together. I have confessed to the film just for the sake of story. If the hero has 50 scenes .. Navi also 50 scenes. Both stories go parallel. Kayam Radhakrishnan’s songs are also very good. I liked the song Kanna. Rashi Khanna sang this song. Dussehra is a happy movie with family.

6. Marshall Medical Thriller .. This is a family .. What could be different about your character?
Marshall’s film has many differences. I played a young journalist named Megha. Totally it’s a glamorous character. Whatever it is, it is a bold character that can be brave. But I do not think so. The character of the side is known. Is very methodical. The role of the girl who is well worth the Ghadi family. Not even brave mistakes. Whatever happens is for the family. This is a role that has scope for acting as well. Srinivas Necessary is also in the film. He’s not a brilliant director. Support me when there are problems with the language.

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