Innovative Love Story ‘Bicycle’

Revival Bhoopalam, Mahat Raghavendra Shwetavarma, Surya Leadrolls on Arkunj Reddy’s visionary film Cycle Gray Media Banner, Overseas Network Entertainment Entertainment In addition to the shooting, the dubbing operations were completed.

On this occasion, the visionary Arjun Reddy said … Indian cinema has nothing to say yet. Aina is writing new stories and making new movies. In the course of the effort, Putinpattuppittu two years old, with no fuel or fuel, the name of the bicycle, which is the title of our film, is a clean comedy with the intersting link in the first scene.

Sudarshan, Anitha Chaudhary, Characters, along with the hero and heroines of the film will do magic. Along with them, Surya, Madhumi Naveen Neni, RX100 Lakshman, Annapurnamma Jogi Brothers are also entertaining. Comedy Zoner is a beautiful love story magic add-on to our new film.

Tijartopatu soon, adiyorilij the theaters, the producers of the upcoming film of the cycle, piramprasad, dinavinreddi, sahanirmatahvibalajiraju, kemerah siddhammanohar, sangitamh jiemsatis, editingh gaduturisatya, arthramkumar, piarvo Lord, Onkar Kadiyam publicity designer.

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