‘Info Stealing App’ In Police Attire !

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Are you using a Mac computer? But have any popular app installed for ad removing? But your information is at risk of getting to the Chinese servers. Beware! An app that says Police Law Protection … is stealing the information and joins the Chinese servers! Learn what you are up to ..

When working with a computer – many ads are annoying with our advertising. Also, malware that maliciously misleads the computer. This adware and malware are detecting and removing the anti-virus software on the computer. But what if it does not work as confident? How to make a fake cheat Apple Mac users now face a similar problem.

As long as Windows comes into computers – viruses from apple mac computers are always something to say great. However, any computer will have trouble with adware. This is a popular app that says they will be removed. The name of the app that is named “Number One Adware Removal Tool” – is the ‘Adware Doctor’. It is available in the Apple App Store. The film says that it will remove adware and malware … with the excuse – stolen user information and browsing history. Sending stolen information directly to servers in China.

The most important thing to consider is that this is what the Apple company has warned and warned the company that made Adware Doctor App. This prompts us to remove the passing code. Although this is the month of the month, they can not remove this adware from the doctor ‘applet – the’ theft code that can not be stolen ‘!

Adware Doctor App – is in Number One Position on the List in Paid Apps in the Mac Store. Its cost is $ 4.99. Fourth in most popular apps. But the users believe it so much, and so up to it – this is what this app does! It is really a terrible thing to steal the information that has been stolen by the police – stealing information and protecting adware. In computer parlance, ‘rogue software’ is called applications that do not go bad and then go bad. And what’s the apple on this ‘adware doctor’ that you can remove from the App Store.

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