If To Question Why Questioning Only Him?


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Pawan Kalyan, who started the party and spent a lot of time without questioning, was anonymous. At that time it was time to come out and ask me what some questions were asked. But in those moments – rather than questions to others … the questions that others had on him were more likely to answer critics. Now he has been really questioned when he has come out completely with the Telugu Desam. In the case of financial irregularities in Amravati and Lokesh, the allegations against corruption are not about Chandrababu’s special status.

Pawan has questioned Chandrababu again about illegal mining in the Kurnool district. The street lights in the villages do not know if they say the best to say to the CM … quarries in the illegal explosions do not know what? – he asked.

Pawan questions are good, but questioning is also good, but why is he always questioning Chandrababu? Of course! Pawan, who says that “my goal is to question”, can be asked about Modi’s special status if desired. Or you can question the allegations against him. But Pavan does not speak of the two things, but they do not question, unless something special occurs. The origin of the original is not brought. But Chandrababu has been asking for some time every single day. Why is Chandrababu That’s TDP’s question. Is Pawan answered this question?

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