If They Make A Mistake … If They Make A Deal

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The tongue is a little bit less for politicians, and Sharpe too. Not only the sword but also the tongue is sharpened on both sides. Politicians in both cases have criticized opponents in many cases. A few more people said, ‘It’s the nose … patti matta …?’ Commented. But some of the criticisms seem to forget that it applies to them. Now this is happening in Telangana. Senior Congress leader Sonia Gandhi made a speech at the House during the assembly elections in December last year. After coming to power at the Center, he promised to give Andhra Pradesh a special status. TRS leaders who immediately took hold of it would assure that Telangana can be a special status for Telangana … Did she have Dhamakh? Have knowledge Does the understanding of the script be written? All this is done with the script. Sadly, the party’s elderly KCI, now the party leader who has been so badly criticized, is now in the final public meeting on 8th of this month, as it is the special status of Andhra Pradesh from Vikramabad. It is not clear that the party leaders, who have blamed Sonia Gandhi for the moment, are now on the Telangana tiger of Vikarabad. The words that Sonia Gandhi’s words have been misinterpreted are now incorrect in KCR’s words. This is also a comment made in the past that it is an odd number of patti matta. If Medchal on that day is on Telangana, is it now that Vikarabad is on the Andhra Tumor?

Ketiar, Kavitha, Harish Rao, Vinod Kumar … That’s one dozen TRS leaders, one behind another, struck over Sonia Gandhi while the Madchal assured that it was a special status for Andhra Pradesh. Seyi said that when giving assurances on Telangana we can talk and talk. Asked if he wanted to give a guarantee to Andhra Pradesh, he would be asked to give it to the state but from Telangana. Telangana Congress leaders who wrote the script are not knowledgeable, Nana said. Another one is the script that was written by Chandrababu … so she had to give her the assurance that she was forced to do this too. Now KCR has given the same assurance and demand from Vikramabad, which is on Telangana soil. Four types of tongues …

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