Horror game Movie ‘Vaikunthapaali’ Audio Launch

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‘Vaikuntha Paali’ is a film produced by Kandregula Adinarayana under the vision of Azgar Ali on the SKM flag. Saiketan and Mary are playing the heroines. The audio launch of the film took place on Saturday at Filinchamber, Hyderabad. The chief guest of the event, who have launched a major producer keyasramaravu audio. After that, he said, “The film’s producer, Kandregula Adinarayana, has been a long-standing practice for me. Passion for movies Thoughts are different. ‘Vaikuntha Pali’ title and trailer is new. The film is also enjoying a new concept, and the film unit wishes everyone a good reputation. ”

The visionary Veerashankar said, “The title is very cached. This is a horror game that has not been screened so far. We want to achieve cinema success and give everyone a name. ”

The visionary V. Samudra said … ” Vaikunthapaali ‘is the most popular game of all. It’s a wonderful idea to do a horror movie with such a game. My best wishes to the visionary producers who have made such an effort at this summit, which is well known for its concept oriented films.

Filmmaker Ajghar Ali said: ‘The film has been completed and released. The main factor is our producer Kandregula Adinarayana. The new week gave us complete freedom to compromise and make the film better. If there were such producers, it would not be necessary for the release of the film. Now, Vaikuntha Pali has taken a new point. We are confident that all will be connected. ”

Filmmaker Kandregula Adinarayana said: ” Vaikunthapaali ‘is a horror game film that has not come on the Indian screen so far. Sai Ketan played the undercover cop. Our philosopher did a complete justice to the story I wrote. Everyone who worked for our film was so talented that the film came out better than expected. If there is good content … short film and big cinema, theaters are giving. And what’s not trashy is the fact that theaters don’t get short films. If there is no good content, someone will come forward to release it. Our movie is now just finished business. We are releasing the film as a grand on the 23rd of this month. The film is set to be shot in the same category as ‘Mister Lonely’ (tagline for girls around them) as production number 5 in the same banner. Harish Kumar Mukki is giving a vision to this. Priyavallabhi is the heroine of Yashpuri and Neelam is the heroine. Keys Rama Rao, a prominent producer, was delighted to unveil the logo on the palm of his hand.

Also in the process were Tummalapalli Ramasatyana Narayana, Suresh Kondetti, Sai Venkat, Musician Pramod, Hero Sai Ketan Heroines Priya Vallabhi and Neelam along with Chitra unit members.

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