‘Hippie’… ‘Rx 100 Kartikeya’ As Hero


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‘RX100’ is a big buzz in small films. A recent trending trendsetter. Hero Karthikeya became known as Youth Icon with the first film. Movie Lovers Key, Cine Goers Key Introduction Name Kalaipali.Yes. He is a unique, highly budgeted, budget producer. ‘Kakkaka Kakku’, ‘Kandasamy’, ‘Thimakki’, ‘Arima Nambi’, ‘Kanadan’, ‘Teary’, ‘Kabali’, ‘Velai Ella Thodadari 2’ and ‘Sketch’ are all his films. From 1985, Tamil Nadu continues to be the producer and prominent distributor of the film. Now Karthikeya is making a film as hero. V. Creations and Asian Cinemas are jointly producing this film. Karthikeya is playing the hero. TN Krishna is the director. The film is titled ‘Hippie’. On Friday, Karthikeya announced the title of ‘Hippie’ to celebrate his birthday. About this film …
Director TN Krishna said, “The romantic comedy is the film. Karthikeya is different from her debut film. He plays the role of Karefree and Ceiling. There are two heroines in the film. They should still be final. The film is entertaining. Cinematic Movie There are a lot of things that can happen in our life. The film will be shooting in Hyderabad from October.’Silu Oru Kadhal ‘(‘ I love you ‘translated into Telugu),’ Nedumazhi ‘and then I’m directing the film.
Producer Kalaipuli said, “We have been making many successful films in Tamil films since 1985. We continue with the impression of the distribution sector. I always wanted to make a direct film in Telugu. It has just arrived. Karthikeya saw ‘RX100’. The hero of the presentation trend seemed to be. With him we are shooting the film ‘Hippie’. We do not have to go back to the budget anymore, the film is going to be huge and we will create a huge, “he said.
Hero Karthikeya said, “Fortunately, I am fortunate to have a chance at a large company after RX 100. The story is very good. Everything that happens in our life can be seen on the screen. The movie will be a continuation of the success of the first film.
Camera: RD A waiter, Music Home keprasanna, editing by Praveen KL, stunt: Dileep Subbarayan.

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