Hey Media! Is it Journalism? factionalism?

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There are differences of opinion among men. One-on-one anger at each other. But depending on how long that anger lasts – one culture can be called an adult. It is said that anger may come, or that the palm must be burned and burned .. Ravana kashtam should not come for a long time.

It is true, however, that there is a close relationship between anger and intensity. If you get angry for a while it is called exhaustion. If it lasts a little longer, it is called strife. If anger is shown in practice it is called melee. Remembering anger for a long time is called revenge. Getting that grudge is called retaliation. Over the years, some families have had a grudge against each other – like a serial, a series, and if they have reprisals on them – it’s called Fascism.

What? Why are all these definitions now being coined? Because if you look at the attitude of the media in Telangana and Telangana – all these definitions seem to be redefining. This is a period of rage and long-standing anger among politicians and media outlets, not just among human families. This is the media image of today’s media – the politicians who are hating the media who give news that they do not like, and the media companies that aim to make news against the leader they don’t like.

That is, adventure … Now, journalism is becoming like fashionism. How are you Take Factionism Matte. When there is revenge on a person – his opponents do not worry that there is revenge. Do not fall on the enemy. Behave as if there is no grudge. But when he is weak – take it as a chance and fall on it all at once. Are attacked by a surge.

Journalism seems much better now. Take, for example, the case of media companies that do not understand KCR. Until yesterday – as long as he was strong in the crowd – none of them were strongly criticized. Now, an RTC clash, an electrical outburst – this is the same thing that started a masked attack. When the politician is strong in the public, the media outlets against him do not write much negative news. If they really are a true, daring organization – the leader’s mistakes should be monotonous even when the people are strong. Periodically. But – expecting profits from the government, or fearing governmental risks, they are not. But once one suspects that the leader has become weak in the public, the original image of all the organizations emerges.

Telangana is not a KCR thing. This is the case anywhere in India. Today, some of the news organizations that are upset with Modi’s dislike – not really admiring him. That’s what’s needed. That’s it! If Modi is weak tomorrow – the field will be ready in four days for immediate tongue twitching. Journalist fashionistas are ready to take revenge on their opponent by preparing swords and articles. Same freak!

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