He fights only for men

We know that women are fighting for equal rights with men in society. We also know that if a woman was in help, surely society shows sympathy towards her. But, if a man needs help this society will ridicule him. Nowadays we can see  some women playing with lives of innocent men, by taking advantage of this situation. There is also a criticism that our laws will do justice only to women and not for men. For this issue, a person has been fighting for men’s rights for almost 12 years. His name is Radhikanath Malik. He belongs to West Bengal. He made his own experiences and his friends’ experiences and made such a move. He says that the law is unfair, showing bias towards men. He also wrote some books on it. He says that present society was only shows sympathy on women and support them without knowing the truths behind the situations. He surely says that as present situation goes further there will severe problems to be faced by men.

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