Have You Seen The Brother Of Rashmika Madanna?


Two people need not look the same, even both being siblings of the same mother. Once in a while, even twins too, look different. But see the ‘Geeta Govindham’ heroine Rashika manganna, and her brother. Though being no twins , these two people look identical! Not only the eyes, but also the laughter. His name is Rajesh Mandanna, who completed his plus 2 in Mangalore.

Hey! Believed? Really? It’s all fake. Just we cooked up a story for you for fun.  He is not Rajesh, and he is not Rashmika’s brother. Recently we got an interesting app in the Play Store, named FaceApp.

This app can change human face in many different ways. It can change color and style of hair, and can add accessories to ce such as spectacles. Not only this, it can convert a male face into a female face and vice versa. That is how we created this virtual”man” Rajesh Mandanna!

Still not believing it? See the “brothers” of other heroines – Samantha, Mehreen, Kirti Shanan and Kajal, created by us.  No male  is original here. We do not know if these heroines have brothers in real life. But these “brothers” look very real. Are not they?

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