‘Guna 369’ Should Be A Big Hit Like RX 100

Guna 369, which stars Karthikeya as the hero of the RX100 fame and the heroine of the film. Anil Kadiyalaya and Tirumal Reddy are producing the film on the banners of Sprint Films, Nnmika Entertainment and SG Movie Makers at the presentation of Srimati Praveen Kadiya. Arjun is making his directorial debut.

Directed by Chaithan Bharadwaj, the film has been released by veteran producer Dil Raju, with the first song being ‘First Parichayama It … First Paravashama It’. The song was written by Vishwanath and sung by Haricharan.
Dilraju said, ‘Guna 369’ is a RX 100 ‘Hero Karthikeya’ with Arjun Jandhale as the hero. Anil Kadiyala and Thirmal Reddy were the first producers. I released the first song in the movie, ‘First Parichayama ..’ Good Melody Song. Feel good song, everyone. Kamal Haasangari ‘Guna’ .. Balkrishnagari ‘Aditya 369’ has won two titles and has been given the title ‘Guna 369’. The 369th trailer in the title was meant to be seen. The trailer is good. Karthikeya and his team desperately want ‘RX100’ to be a big hit.

The visionary Arjun Jandhayala said, “This is not a story cooked up. The story that took place. Screened based on real events. Highly realistic. Everybody connects to them. Never got this story on the silver screen. It is a story with such originality. The first song, “The First Parichayama It .. The First Paravashama It …” was released on Thursday by Dil Rajajari’s hands. Bani, composed by musician Chaitan Bharadwaj, is impressed. Lyricist Vishwanath wrote the song with good intentions. Without a doubt, good love goes to the people. ”

Producers Anil Kadiala and Tirumal Reddy said, “We are delighted to announce that the first song from Maa Guna 369 has been released by Tollywood’s most successful ace producer Dil Rajagari. We believe that Bonnie’s hit on Golden Hands will not turn our audio around. Chaithan Bharadwaj has provided some very good music to suit our belief. The tunes listen and listen. Everybody who has heard the song ‘First Parichayama It … The First Paravashama It’ released on Thursday will understand this. The words written by Viswanath are also close to lovers’ minds. Good Feel Good Song It. There are plenty of things that young people need in the film, things that the family wants, and the mass audience to enjoy. Sarvatra has created positive buzz for the film. There is a belief that ‘Guna 369’ is going to be a great movie in our heroine’s career and our career. We will bring the film to the audience on August 2, ”he said.

Singer Haricharan said, “Good tunes always have an audience. My friend Chaitan Bharadwaj composed the song ‘First Parichayama It is the first Paravashama It …’ Viswanath’s lyrics are also trendy. I believe that everybody can afford it, ”he said.

Music Director: Chaitanya Bharadwaj,
Cameramen:Fame Ram, Art Director: Jeyam Sekhar, Editor: Tammiraju, Dance: Raghu, Executive Producers: Satya Kishore, Shiva Mallala.

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