GST Movie Theatrical Trailer Launched

GST Movie Theatrical Trailer Launched by Cinematography Minister Talasani

The film ‘GST’ (God Satan Technology) is being produced by Komari Janayya Naidu under the banner of ‘Leather Dolls Sitralu’ under the direction of Komari Janaki Ram. The theatrical trailer of the film was launched by Cinematography Minister Shri Talasani Srinivas Yadav.
Speaking on the occasion, Talsani Srinivas Yadav said, “The title of the film is very good. The director said that the concept of the film is very good. Congratulations to the film unit for wanting to grow as a good director.

Speaking on the occasion, Junior Sampu thanked Cinematography Minister Shri Talsani Srinivas Yadav for launching the trailer of the film. But the director said that the quality of the film, the content, the sound effects, the background music …
The movie will be released in theaters soon. It will be released in theaters soon.
Also in this corona time as a general … what are you doing now..first movie theaters are closing.then movie theaters are starting late but … like any other place..if there is any safest place it is only theaters. Definitely you come to the theater.Watch our movie in the theater.Don’t anchor piracy.

Also I feel that our director is the best research caller than the best director Anand after the release of this movie. Because of the research he did in a cemetery about this movie, his research about the gods in the temples of all religions, his research about science as a scientist .. all three of them together took an amazing point and screened the movie. We were shocked. Because the movie came out so awesome. He said that he would get a good recognition with this film and once again thanked the director who gave me a chance in this film and wished to see and appreciate our film in the theater very soon.
Swati Mandal says, “I feel very happy that our movie trailer has been launched by the Minister of Cinematography.” Also, I would like to thank the Minister. After watching the trailer, you will be very curious and very curious. You will be very anxious about what is going to be said in this movie. If you look at the God Satan technology poster .. you will think it is a horror movie. includes love, comedy, romance, horror, suspense, thriller … our film is coming with a new point for the first time. I’m so happy to be the heroine, to play the important role, to be a part of this movie. Special thanks to the director who gave me the opportunity to be the heroine in this film.

Ashok says .. The trailer of our movie ‘GST’ (God Satan Technology) has been launched by the Minister of Cinematography Shri Talasani Srinivas Yadav. Our movie ‘GST’ G means God. Regarding, technology means taking a new point in science and comparing these three..which is true in creation? God, the ghost, our director Sri Komari Janakiram is working with some of the best directors in the industry with his own experience to tell us which of these is true, taking a new point with many years of experience and bringing the film to us with a good excitement elements.
All of us have had many, many myths since childhood. The real God is ghost science Which of these three is true? Who is the greatest?.

I promise 100%, if you want to answer that, just watch our ‘GST’ movie. 100% you will get the clarification. Our movie is very good. The trailer will be liked by all of you. Along with comedy, romance and entertainment, we are going ahead with a good social message.
Director Janakiram said, “I would like to thank the Minister of Cinematography, Shri Talasani Srinivas Yadav, for launching the trailer of ‘God Satan Technology’, which was produced under our ‘Leather Dolls” banner. On behalf of our film unit, we would like to express our special thanks to the Minister for listening to what we are going to say and what message we are going to convey through our film and appreciating that the Minister is going to say very good content as an exit.
Fat longer content content More about this source text In this society, there are many myths and myths about God, the devil and science. We look forward to hearing from you soon enough. Because .. from Tollywood to Hollywood came a lot of horror movies, movies of gods, a lot of science movies. But … by combining these three, we are going to tell you which of these is actually true and which is false. Horror cinema is not only limited to one category but also has a good message along with love, sentiment, comedy, horror, suspense and thriller to appeal to all categories of audiences.

Every scene in college is very different. Love scenes are also different. Horror scenes are also different. Every scene in the movie is very new.
There are so many different, so different movies that something is so different before release, that our movie is so new … to raise expectations in you, I am not saying these things with rage. Actually, I’m telling the table. Every scene is excellent and very different and new.

Every scene in the film fails to be very exciting .. What’s next, what’s next is a very thrilling film that impresses audiences from all walks of life. Kathe is the hero of this movie. I am going to say that our film will create a trend as the protagonist of the story. Because a senior film analyst said that this film will create a trend.

Because horror movies are made in a building, in a forest or something else. Criticized as a new film that is different from the horror movies that have been made. Special thanks to them for their appreciation and I will say who they are at the pre-press meet. Special thanks to the Minister Shri Talsani Srinivas Yadav … The director said that he would like to thank the audience gods for expecting our film to be seen in theaters on September 10 as the protagonist of the story.

Heroes in this movie: Anand Krishna, Ashok, Venkat, Nandu
Heroines: Swatimandal, Anchor Indu, Pooja Suhasini, Vani
In the role of comedy..Junior Sampu
Other cast: Swapna, Shrashti Verma, ‘Vedam’ Nagayya, Govind, Nalli Sudarsana Rao, ‘Janapadam’ Ashok, Surya, Santosh, Ramana.
Editing: Sunil Maharana
DOP: D. Yadagiri
Music: UV Niranjan
Line Producer: kebalakrsna
Producer: Komari Janaya Naidu
Story, screenplay, dialogues, direction: Komari Janakiram
P.R.O: Madhu.V.R

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