Growing Humanity 2.0 In Humans?

Humans are good human beings. And what is this humanity two point? Read the same!

Now the world has changed. Humans outside – Humans don’t want to get out of phones or computers. Hasn’t humanity died completely? Not. What’s going on?

Knowing someone is dead… many people post emojis on RIPs from WhatsApp. OK with that. After that, the man did not even touch. If that’s what’s on WhatsApp! If someone has a little more affinity with a dead person – time to go and see .. going. Going there, taking photos and videos of the scene again on WhatsApp. So… today’s man’s final destination .. not the real world, but the virtual world!

It is not understood by the great social scientists that this is part of the way society has naturally changed over time.

If a well-known man dies – we will suffer greatly. Now, if the man is gone, how much pain there is .. Instead of pochikolu kaburla – Some people get the pleasure of getting a little stupid thing to post. It seems as if everybody has his heart pounding.

Within hours of the man’s death, he was uploaded as Wikipedia. Recently, the famous Telugu poet and researcher d.w. Shastri died. Someone updated his date of death on Wikipedia within hours of his death! Is it overly honorable? Is there a tremendous synergy? Is it quicker? If not – is the virtual world vulnerable to failure? Let us name it. Called ‘timelessness’! Usually the term means – death. But here – it can also mean that humanity is changing its laws over time. If you don’t like the term, you can simply name it “Humanity 2.0”.

However – all human beings have to think about the origin of this humanity 2.0. During this time, many people feel that the virtual world is more comfortable than the outside world. Is it because the outside world is corrupted? But is it because we are all in the virtual world that the outside world is ruined? But what is the solution? This is something everyone has to think about.


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